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This can not only revive your Windows 10 computer system but also recover registry keys and settings. Then you can click System Restore option, and continue to select a system restore point you created before to follow the instructions to perform a system restore in Windows 10.

  • If it is part of the "User profile", and backed up on a network, the space is usually limited.
  • Yes but the idiotic decisions were not to control the size of the registry backups by giving the user more control or options.
  • I had to reinstall things frequently, and finding out just how I was supposed to alter the registry to get things working again wasn’t simple.
  • Especially if you could read the backup, and just extract parts of it.

Your computer will start restoring the system to the way it was when the restore point was created and then reboot. You can follow the guide in this post to make a backup of registry, and copy the registry .reg file to a removable USB drive. You can also create a system restore point to back up the registry. To back up and restore system, MiniTool ShadowMaker is also professional. If modifying the registry causes problems to your computer, you can follow the guides below to easily restore your system and get back lost data.

How to backup the entire Registry on Windows 10

There are many simple ways to backup and restore the registry in Windows 10. Go through all the methods of creating and restoring the backup, and then choose the one which you prefer. You should not disturb the registry values, but sometimes a specific requirement makes you do so. However, before you make any critical changes to the Windows 10 registry, you should back up the registry. The backup can help you restore the registry if anything goes wrong after the change. Highlight Computer in the left-hand column to backup the complete registry. Now there is a down-side to using the Registry Editor to manually backup the registry.

You can also click Start, type create a restore point in search box, and choose Create a restore point to access System Protection screen. If you’ve created a system restore point, you can carry out a system restore to recover registry in Windows 10. You can also use some registry backup software to back up Windows 10 registry.

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If your computer has System Restore enabled, restore points will be created automatically when major changes are made to the system, such as the installation of new drivers. I have just updated my windows before reading your article, and The Registry backup option seems to have been removed, not disabled. I don’t see restore from backup and imagine I can’t restore to an active system. It is a bit strange that the last run time is June 27, but that the 0KB files show June 30 as the last modification date. There are no Triggers, and Action is set to Custom Handler. Beyond that I use what windows 10 calls, “the windows 7 backup tool”, and it’s set to run weekly.

Another way to backup the registry is to use the built-in Registry Editor. The beautiful thing about using the Registry Editor is that you don’t have to backup the whole registry if you don’t want to.

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To restore anything with the Registry Editor, you have to boot your computer in either standard or safe mode. A system repair disc doesn’t have the Registry Editor included.

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To just name a few, RegBak, RegKey, Registry Backup, Registrar Registry Manager, etc. You can also create a system restore point to back up the registry in Windows 10. A system restore will not affect any of your personal files. You can also restore your computer’s registry using a Windows system restore point.