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Keep the bar: it’s worth it?

Exercise “Planck”, which suddenly became fashionable among losing weight girls and fitness fans-is it really so effective and what is its real advantages? We asked about this experts in the field of fitness, yoga and Pilates.

Indeed, no special conditions are needed for the bar-neither a trip to the fitness club, nor even a sports form. In addition, it is recommended to

strengthen the muscles of the back and as the prevention of osteochondrosis, as it forms a good muscle corset.

Mila Nikiforova, Personant Pilates Personal

Exercise “Planck” is good because it involves all the muscles of the case in the work. Well-working stabilizers muscles are the health of the spine, and therefore, youth and good health in general, this is one of the main ideas of Joseph Pilates.

The bar of the buttocks, the inner and back of the hips, absolutely all the muscles of the press, arms and shoulders also work in the bar – that is, all zones of “special attention” are involved, which quickly lose the tone and beauty of outlines from the lack of movement. In this sense, the bar is universal.

Irina Zinchenko, multiple world champion in fitness

“This is one of the few exercises for the press that allows you to get rid of fat on the lower abdomen. The result will be noticeable within two weeks. Since this is a static exercise, the most important thing is to perform it correctly. With the improper distribution of the load, the desired effect will not be.

I propose the next technique of execution:

  • Lie on the floor with a stomach down;
  • Bend your hands in the elbows 90 degrees and go point blank on the elbows;
  • Straighten your legs and rely on socks.

The body should be straight like an arrow from the crown to the heels, and the elbows be directly under the shoulders. Focus – on the abdominal muscles. Start with 20 seconds, making 3-4 approaches, and gradually bring the holding of the bar up to 1 minute.

Max Kirichenko, teacher Hatha Yoga and bodily-oriented therapist

The plank-enriching fitness practitioner came from yoga. Chaturanga Dandasan, Vasishthasan, bar, side bar, upper and lower emphasis-this is all about it, yoga-pose. Exercises in which only body weight is used – and all the options for the bar are just such – convenient, quite safe and effective. Convenient, because you can engage in where and any. Safe because they are well controlled by the load.

To work correctly and safely in the bar, you need to concentrate on the press, keep it strong

This pose simple in fulfillment and its variations strengthen the wrists, muscles of the arms, legs, back, buttocks, press. There are many options:

  • The side bar, or Vasishthasan, stretches the side surfaces of the body;
  • The side bar with a lifted leg – usually stretches the rigid inner and rear surfaces of the thighs;
  • The bar on the forearms strengthens the shoulder belt;
  • The bar with one hand and leg develops a sense of balance.

To work correctly and safely in the bar, you need to concentrate on the press, keep it strong. At this point of unification of the sensual – the bodily bottom – the emotional and intellectual centers – the top of the body – is, in my opinion, the yogic meaning of the bar. Here he coincides with a bodily-oriented approach in psychotherapy.

“The bar for several minutes a day is, of course, better than nothing,” adds Mila Nikiforova. – But she cannot replace full motor activity. Such a one-sided hobby for something-the idea-one-day. It’s like a recent boom for office tables, which you can work without sitting, but standing to avoid problems from many hours of sitting at a computer. Now it has already become clear that working standing was no better. It is optimal to change motor activity every half hour “.