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After saying eulogy and scatter Donny’s ashes, the Dude and Walter headed back to their bowling routine session.

The film has a perfect casting to portray the main idiosyncratic characters, perhaps because Cohen brothers had gathered fine actors such as Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. The actors had really synched in with the characters they were portraying. Perhaps the Cohen brothers had in mind the actors’ personalities while writing the film’s characters i.

e. Tara Reid being the reckless and mindless trophy wife and Julianne Moore as an intelligent yet pretentious feminist and an artist. The main protagonist of the film is Jeff Lebowski but preferred himself to be called The Dude. The Dude is portrayed by Jeff Bridges.

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The Dude is a type B personality who can be easily discern as perpetual bum, cares little about money and cares only for bowling with his equally type B friends. It was reported that the Cohen brothers had written The Dude slightly based on Bridges character for being laid-back and slacking perspective in life. However, it was also revealed that the main influence of the character of the Dude was based on the film distributor that Cohen brothers had met named Jeff Dowd. Much like the Dude in the movie, Dowd was also called “The Dude”, fond of drinking White Russians, and shares physical appearance of the Dude on-screen: shaggy long hair, way of dressing, etc.

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Another reference for the Dude’s character is the Cohen brothers’ friend, Peter Exline, a Vietnam War veteran who also has a thing for rugs. The Dude has a main best friend named Walter Sobchak and was played by John Goodman. Walter is also a Vietnam War veteran and is The Dude’s teammate.

He values the rules of bowling second to the doctrines of Judaism. He has a bad temper and always resort to handgun to settle for any arguments.

Ramon Oliver – Profile | Mentor Profile – APhA ENGAGE – American Pharmacists Association American Academy of Audiology Donny Kerabatsos is another friend of the Dude and a member of his bowling team. He is played by Steve Buscemi. Among the main three lead, Donny is the good-natured one.

His most notable trait is being naïve, unable to grasp a whole sentence particularly from Walter, and was often interrupted by Walter to shut up. It was revealed by the Cohen brothers that Donny was a reference of Buscemi’s character in Fargo where he speaks non-stop. Donny died of heart-attack in the end of the film. Jeffrey Lebowski is the big Lebowski and was played by David Huddleston. He is not related to the Dude but came across him when Jackie Treehorn men mistakenly assaulted the Dude for thinking he was the big Lebowski. He is a wheelchair-bound multi-millionaire who despises the Dude for being “the bum” as he often referred to him. However, it was eventually revealed by Maude, his daughter, that he was just tasked to look over for his first wife’s real estate.

Maude Lebowski is the big Lebowski daughter in his first wife and was played by Julianne Moore. Maude is an ultramodern artist and a feminist who often justify her work as “strongly vaginal. ” She had conceived a child at the end of the film by her own will courtesy of the Dude. Bunny Lebowski is a young, nymphomaniac, and reckless wife of the big Lebowski who was kidnapped by the pornographer and nihilist whom she’s indebted with the. She was played by Tara Reid.

The Big Lebowski had fair share of notable technical features mostly on its camera angle and with the soundtrack used. Many are trying to compare The Big Lebowski (1998) to Fargo (1994), both are films of the Cohen Brothers. Those who had expected The Big Lebowski to be like the Academy Award nominated film, Fargo, were greatly disappointed. Of course, this is the style of the Coen brothers.

They have never done the same thing twice in a row. However, The Big Lebowksi shares some common style of humor with another Cohen brothers’ film, Burn After Reading, with its almost senseless and confusing plot – it there is any. Although it is poor in plot, which is purposely designed to be, the crafty humor compensates with to make the film enough to be hailed as the most audacious comedy during the late ’90s.